Not the end, only a break… after 10-years we take a breather as we look at developing new projects. More info soon…!

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8th November, Mayrhofen, Austria

The Ästhetikers announce a Break from the Wängl Tängl in 2013.

Following the highly successful 10th edition of the Vans Wängl Tängl presented by G-Shock in Mayrhofen, Austria, the Ästhetiker announce today that they are taking a break from producing the renown team based event. After restructuring as a Club over the summer, the Ästhetikers prepare to celebrate their 20th Anniversary as a highly visible crew on the European board sports landscape. The decision to take a break from the Wängl Tängl and the production of soft goods and snowboard line reflects a refocusing of their energy, opening the door to investigating new opportunities in 2013.

Over the past 20-years of agitation, the Ästhetiker crew have become infamous as board sports advocates throughout the Zillertal, Austria, Europe and half way across the globe. Formed in 1993 as a loosely affiliated, eclectic crew of snow, skate and surf protagonists, they formalized this movement as a company in 2000, going on to launch an Austrian event tour, Ästhetiker branded soft goods and a snowboard line. In 2002 they launched their flagship event, the Wängl Tängl in their home base of Mayrhofen, Austria. Fondly described as a ‘Contest-ival’, 2012 culminated in the event’s critically acclaimed 10th Anniversary, melding a unique combination of team snow, team skate, music and art elements into a week long, board culture jamboree.

Renown for producing progressive parks and creative events, the question of ‘where to from here’ was approached following the success of 2012. After resulting in the decision to take a break from the Wängl Tängl in 2013. “Obviously, nothing is ever perfect, but last season’s Wängl Tängl was about as close as you could hope to get.” said Steve Gruber, President of the Ästhetiker Club. “After 10-years of amazing co-operation with the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen and Tourismusverband Mayrhofen and our long term event partners, we felt we needed time to look at how we could step it up again to guarantee the next edition of the Wängl is kick arse, not an anti-climax. That’s not how we roll…” he concluded.

With the Ästhetiker Club based in Mayrhofen, the ongoing relationship with the area remains strong moving forward. “Following the 10-year co-operation on producing the Vans Wängl Tängl, we agreed on the concept of taking a creative break.” said Sarah Huber, Marketing Manager for the Mayrhofen Bergbahnen, “We are looking forward to a strong partnership and working with the Ästhetiker on developing progressive concepts and the next ‘big thing’ here in Mayrhofen. Until then, stay tuned.”

The Ästhetiker would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our long term partners, friends and supporters from Mayrhofen who have provided invaluable support in building the Wängl Tängl from it’s humble inception to one of the worlds premium team based events. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our long-term partners of Vans, Red Bull and ongoing partners G-Shock and Fiat for their continued support.

The Ästhetikers will shortly announce their plans for their 20th Anniversary in 2013 that will be focused on creating core credible, team-orientated event formats while investigating the development of platforms for youth development.[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]

For more information, please contact:
Fasebook Ästhetiker

History of the Ästhetiker

Established in 1993, the Ästhetikers formed originally from a crew of friends who shared the lifestyle and common passion of board sports. In 2000, the Ästhetiker moved from a pure crew, forming a legal entity allowing it to develop event properties, launching its first Ästhetiker Tour across Austria the same year. Included in that Tour was the ‘Penken Trophy’ that grew into the world-renowned team event, the Wängl Tängl firmly establishing the Ästhetikers in their home base of Mayrhofen, Austria. The company went on to create widely distributed Ästhetiker soft goods and a quality snowboard line. In 2012, the company formation changed to a Club, discontinuing products while allowing the organization return to its main focus – creating core credible, board friendly events and happenings.[nbsp] The company is registered to Ästhetiker, Laubichl 124, Mayrhofen[nbsp] 6290, Austria, under the jurisdiction of[nbsp] Schwaz, Tirol.

Please download the complete press release (also German), images and logos here:

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Die Ästhetiker

Vans Wängl Tängl 2012 – Event Overview

Waengl Taengl Eventhall Foto: Christian Boehm

What a week which is planned for the 10th Anniversary of the VANS Wängl Tängl 2012 presented by G-Shock, it’s all but impossible to cover it in a single breath. So much, in fact, a single post hardly does it justice. To create as close to the complete overview with the quickest and easiest access to everything that’s happening, who’s coming, who’s competing, who’s playing, who’s creating…  and roughly when!

Welcome to the itemized overview

– Team #1Team 99 – Steve Gruber, Rudi Kröll & Friedl Kolar
– Team #2The Djudes – Chris Kröll, Mario Wanger & Tom Klocker
– Team #3Team Absolut – Herby Thaler, Michi Stanschitz & Phips Gruber
– Team #4The Italian Connection – Marco Grigis, Stefano Munari & Filippo Kratter
– Team #5Team Homies – Tonton Holland, Jules Reymond & Nico Tille
– Team #6Team X-Double – Wolle Beer, Steve Grumser & Max Glatzl
– Team #7Triple Cock – Janne Korpi, Peetu Piiroinen & Ville Uotila
– Team #8Off The Wall – Iouri Podladtchikov, Arthur Longo & Eric Willett
– Team #9Since 1966 – Tyler Chorlton, Tobi Strauss & David Bertschinger Karg
– Team #10The Collective – Jamie Nicholls, Boris Bühler & Tor Lundström
– Team #11: YMCA - Mathias Weissenbacher, Clemens Schattschneider & Adrian Krainer
– Team #12Team F.A.T. – Alex Walch, Flo Heim & Tom Tramnitz

Team #1Flying Birds – Georg Huber, Stephan Höllwarth & Roland Tschoder
Team #2Boarders Valley – Luca Kuppelwieser, Corsin Simeon & Men Schmidt
– Team #3Natural Born Chillaz – Deniz Cinek, Mike Knobel & Roger Schuler
Team #4Real Family – Jeremie Unterberger, Seppl Ramsbacher & Georgi Mihaylov
 Team #5: House of Hungerpain - Vincent Genannt, Charlie Idda & Kevin Mills
Team #6Boarder Boys – Tobi Grünwald, Daniel Kopp & Max Grünwald
Team #7Starpissnes – Max Pölzl, Christoph Klaushofer & Patrick Schönleitner
Team #9Young Shreds IBK – Philipp Kundratitz, Steve Spiss & Johannes Handle
– Team #10Good, Bad and Ugly – Peter Sandner, Marcus Bernhard & Stephan Wimmer
Team #11After Bääänger – Patrick Cinca, Benny Mösl & Dani Mösl
Team #12The Swingers – Michael Macho, Christian Weber & Benni Hopfgartner
Team #13The Gasthof Crew – Bob van Unnik, Will Smith & Bas Mons
Team #14: Cunning Stunts - Paul Dreher, Patrick Held and Philipp Frötscher
Team #15: reLAAXed – Thomas Laich, Tobias Pfortmüller and Matthias Wattinger
– Team #16: Team Kitzsteinhorn – Stefan Morocutti,Martin Liebmann,Thomas Obersteiner
– Team #17You’re Fired! – Sani Alibabic, Gary Greenshields and Jon Weaver
– Team #18Balls to the Walls – Yannick Sleeckx, Danny Hodges,Frederik V. d. Bossche
– Team #19Treb Gipyes – Matteo Zappatterra, Filippo Crudeli and Lorenzo Barbieri
– Team #20ShredDown AM – Simon Pircher, Christian Geiger and Peter Walchhofer

Skatel: Julien Benoliel Foto: Erwin Polanc

– Team #1Team Jäger – Oliver Gordon and Michi Nadler
– Team #2Team Hobo – Sam Partaix and Dominik Dietrich
– Team #3Team Hobnobs – Manhead & Andy Scott
– Team #4Team Inadaptados – Alvarez and David Sanchez
– Team #5Team Jinetes – Ibon Marino and Alain Goikoetxea
– Team #6Team Bats – Martino Cattaneo and Kevin Blase
– Team #7Team Dutchy’s – Daan Van Der Linden and Nassim Guammaz
– Team #8Team Zwimi – Micky Iglesias and Phil Zwijsen
– Team #9Team Incognito – Kris Vile and Jake Collins
– Team #10: Team Skatemalmö – Surprise…
– Team #11: Team 4/20 -  Romi Erhart and Daniel Cardone

– Team #1: Whatever – Roman Astleitner & Ralf Edlinger
– Team #2The Gasthof Crew – Bram Bosch & Nick Bax
– Team #3: Wasted Pirates - Chris Cap and Alex G
– Team #4: Non Conformers - Benjamin Buchwald & Philipp Gebeshuber
– Team #5: Pilotto Rookie Team - Benjamin Buchwald & Philipp Gebeshuber
– Team #6: CoMoNo - Andreas Tucek & Dominik Hell-Weltzl
– Team #7: Fuck Up’s - Julien Benoliel & David “Danger” Martelleur
– Team #8: Team Olaf -  Björn Klotz and Tobias Springborn

These artists will exhibit their work at the Vans Looking Sideways Vernissage open to the public at the Europahaus in Mayrhofen on Wednesday 21st until Friday 23rd March.

Check the Profiles of Featured Artists:
Schoph Schophield

Mark ‘Fos’ Foster
Richard ‘French’ Sayer
Corey Smith
Blaise Rosenthal
Ed Templeton
Tim Karpinski
Danny Wainwright
Danny Larsen
Tristan Huber


Saturday, 17th March:
FM4 Club Brück’n Stadl
with DJ DSLFlip & Average und DJ Phekt.
Sunday, 18th March: 
Red Bull Brandwagen street concert
with the Discodogs Live and Wax Wreckaz.
Monday, 19th March: 
Duzz Down San Label Night
in the Scotland Yard Pub with Chrisfader & TestaPhil Da Funk and Feux.
Tuesday, 20th March:
Basti Stein Groove Project
Wednesday, 21th March: 
Funk Lounge
with Twintowas present 60 Minits Of Funk.
Thursday, 22th March:
FREE Vans Open Air Rock Night
with SeetherThose Furious Flames, Truckfighters and Sempre Caoz.
Friday, 23th March:
FREE Open Air Hip Hop Night
with M.O.PBanana Klan presents Roots Manuva, Ricky Ranking, Seanie T and DJ MK, LylitIll MindzBlak Twang, and Snowgoons.
Friday, 23th March:
Aftershow Party ft. Snowgoons & DJ X-Rated 



Having skated at numerous contests together and having a similar skate style, and as genuine fuck-up’s, it only seemed logical to come to this year’s Wängl Tängl as a team. We’re ready to shred the mini-ramp, although our main focus is the first place in the sledge race.

David “Danger” Martelleur says:

“I’ve been coming to Wängl Tängl since the very beginning and there was nothing on earth which could have stopped me from coming to the 10 year anniversary. Be prepared for the biggest fuck-up in Wängl Tängl history, and I dedicate this especially to Drew, be ready mate, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride! See you at the bar!”

Julien Benoliel & David “Danger” Martelleur

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The early bird catches the worm…

Without farther ado, here are the Youngsters from the Pilotto team

they came together to participate at the Vans Wängl Tängl 2012.

The team consists of Daniel Kopp and Santino Exenberger. Both come from Tirol and represent the Pilotto Skateboard shop.

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Vans Wängl Tängl 2012 – Skate Riders Overview

Skatel: Julien Benoliel Foto: Erwin Polanc

– Team #1Team Jäger - Oliver Gordon and Michi Nadler
– Team #2Team Hobo - Sam Partaix and Dominik Dietrich
– Team #3Team Hobnobs - Manhead & Andy Scott
– Team #4Team Inadaptados - Alvarez and David Sanchez
– Team #5Team Jinetes - Ibon Marino and Alain Goikoetxea
– Team #6Team Bats - Martino Cattaneo and Kevin Blase
– Team #7Team Dutchy’s - Daan Van Der Linden and Nassim Guammaz
– Team #8Team Zwimi - Micky Iglesias and Phil Zwijsen
– Team #9Team Incognito - Kris Vile and Jake Collins
– Team #10Team Skatemalmö - Surprise…

– Team #1Whatever - Roman Astleitner & Ralf Edlinger
– Team #2The Gasthof Crew - Bram Bosch & Nick Bax