Not the end, only a break… after 10-years we take a breather as we look at developing new projects. More info soon…!

******* For german press release (+pics)[nbsp] please download the ZIP-File HERE ****** [nbsp] 8th November, Mayrhofen, Austria The Ästhetikers announce a Break from the Wängl Tängl in 2013. Following the highly successful 10th edition of the Vans Wängl Tängl presented by G-Shock in Mayrhofen, Austria, the Ästhetiker announce today that … More

Vans Wängl Tängl presented by G-Shock is done!


The weeklong Vans Wängl Tängl Presented By G-Shock Contest-ival in Mayrhofen, Austria showcased the highest level of snowboarding the event has ever seen, epic weather conditions, innovative skateboarding, nightly parties, live music and life-long memories for all who attended the 10th Anniversary of this rider driven event. Snowboarders Eric Willett, … More

Skate Finals


The 10th Anniversary of the Vans Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen, Austria showcased two days of some of the finest transition skateboarding known to man. The unique format spanned two days with a “Cash for Tricks” style Best Trick Contest, where skaters were handed cash every time they landed something impressive, … More

Wängl Tängl Skate Update #2

Foto: Alex Post

After the Qualification on wednesday and the Best Trick Session yesterday it’s, time for the Skate Finals…. Program for today is Training starts 2 pm, and the Finals are from 5 till 7 pm. right after that the Free Hip Hop Open Air Concert goes off right acros the street … More

Wängl Tängl Day Six: Snow Finals

Foto: Christian Boehm

  Yesterday was the last day of the Snow Main Event, weather was great again and the Q-Park Shaping Crew made sure that the park was perfectly shaped. Quarter Finals are on! From the 16 teams that started in the Main Event there are only 8 teams left who will … More

VWT Skate Update

Skater: Philipp Schuster Foto: Erwin Polanc

Today the Skate Quali’s went down, the teams that made it through to the main event are: – Füstli Power – Dream Machines – Gasthof Zillertal Crew – Fuck up’s – Pilotto Rookie Team Tomorrow wil be Training from 1 till 4 pm, and then the Best Trick Session. Finals … More